Modified PTFE: Hoses with optimized properties

In addition to the above-mentioned outstanding advantages of conventional PTFE for our hoses, there are, however, certain limitations to which the material is subject. The most significant are:

  • A tendency to cold flow
  • Poor to no weldability
  • Lack of radiation resistance
  • Milky, opaque surface


PTFE hoses with PPVE content for better weldability

In order to optimize the properties of a conventional PTFE hose, the modifier perfluoro(propyl vinyl ether) (PPVE) is incorporated into the linear chain of the PTFE. The proportion of this exceptionally thermostable material is below 1%, so the proven chemical and thermal properties of the standard PTFE are almost completely retained.

The resulting advantages are considerable:

  • Better weldability
  • Denser polymer structure
  • Lower permeability
  • Higher transparency
  • Less deformation under load

These improvements make it a dependable material for all applications where only the best is good enough. Areas of use of modified PTFE are mainly:

  • Vehicle construction and aviation
  • Electrical industry
  • Chemical plant construction
  • Semiconductor industry


Other PTFE hoses to order

We offer versatile PTFE hoses for a wide range of applications, such as heatshrink tubes that can be expanded and re-shrunk, or hoses made of thermo fluoroplastics, which can theoretically be produced in unlimited lengths. In addition, we manufacture individual PTFE hoses according to customer requirements, for example with printing and laser-assisted engraving.

If you have any questions or special requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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