FEP Tubing

The origins of FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) date back to 1956. The aim was to bring together the existing properties of PTFE with thermoplastic processing, which resulted in FEP. In FEP tubing manufacture, a particular advantage is being able to form the material into theoretically endless strand lengths. In addition, FEP has high dielectric strength and is therefore suitable as an insulating material.

FEP Tube Manufacturing

FEP is one of the thermo fluoroplastics and is available as granules in contrast to PTFE. This allows the material to be formed by means of so-called screw extruders and produced in almost any length of section - using continuous granulate feed. In FEP tube production, the thermoplastic granulate is melted and ejected through a nozzle. This allows the production of tubing in great lengths. Furthermore, the material has greater optical transparency than conventional PTFE. As an option, FEP tube can be coloured UV absorbing black.

Production program of an FEP tube manufacturer

As a leading manufacturer of tubing made of PTFE, FEP, PFA and other thermoplastics, we manufacture FEP tubing in all dimensions just as our PTFE hoses. In the following tables, you will find the various sizes in which we produce heatshrink tubing from FEP. If you are looking for special sizes or particular tolerances, we would be glad to receive your request. We would also be happy to advise you on further specific questions concerning FEP tubing.

Imperial Nominal Diameter Fits Rollers
1.00 " 25 mm 22–27 mm
1.25" 32 mm 25–33 mm
1.50" 38 mm 33–43 mm
2.00" 51 mm 43–53 mm
2.50" 63 mm 53–66 mm
3.00" 76 mm 66–79 mm
3.50" 89 mm 79–89 mm
4.00" 102 mm 89–109 mm
5.00" 127 mm 109–132 mm
6.00" 152 mm 132–157 mm
7.00" 178 mm 157–178 mm
8.00" 203 mm 178–211 mm
9.00" 229 mm 211–234 mm
10.50" 267 mm 234–269 mm
12.00" 305 mm 269–307 mm
13.00" 330 mm 310–343 mm
14.00" 356 mm 340–400 mm
16.50" 420 mm 400–447 mm
20.00" 508 mm 447–567 mm
23.00" 584 mm 567–634 mm
28.00" 711 mm 634–807 mm
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